Best Cork Flooring for a Modern World

July 9, 2023

Cork flooring continues to gain traction in commercial markets while staying consistent in both performance and notoriety. While the reliability has always been there for these kinds of products, the technological advances give them even more credibility.

It is because of its cost effectiveness and long list of benefits that cork flooring is becoming a go-to for the modern world. Whether it’s commercial or residential, there’s a good chance that cork surfaces can fit into almost any budget. In a nutshell, here’s why cork flooring is so popular:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Moderately durable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable and soft underfoot
  • Sound absorption
  • Proven sustainability

The Trinity Surfaces team are proud to share one of the most beloved cork products from our friends at Capri Collections. Sales for this line climb each and every day, so we can say with confidence that the Capri Mediterra line is undoubtedly worth sharing. 

The Mediterra collection has been updated and we are excited to reveal the details! And, remember: take notes and connect with us beyond this blog to talk about what options are best for your project.

Now, let’s get to it!

Flooring is better with color

The updated colors in this collection add to the already robust options that include light, medium, and dark browns and tans. That’s not to mention the rigatto and veneer styles. Clean and thorough colors almost make the updated products unrecognizable from the original, classic Mediterra collection.

Modern designs for a modern world

When style evolves, interior design always follows suit. These days, commercial interior designers are continuously looking to meet the demand of educated, focused clients. Modern styles like the ones offered in Capri’s Mediterra line are a great example of what it means to meet demand with quality and tact. 

Updated styles, same credibility

Although some of the offerings have been improved visually and functionality wise, the credibility of Capri Collections Mediterra products never wavered. As a team committed to customer-side satisfaction, Trinity Surfaces stands by the ongoing quality of care that Capri Collections offers. 

Now that you’ve got some intel on the power of this updated cork flooring line, we can take it and apply it to what you’re working on.

Let’s talk about which products in the Capri Mediterra collection will best suit your project needs. Fill out a form here for us to contact you OR give us a call: 866-774-3390.

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This post was written by Krysta Brown