Beyond the Surface: Matt Hepner

May 22, 2018

A while back we started featuring members of the Trinity Surfaces Team on our Instagram account, using the hashtag #TEAMTS. Since we’re big believers in highlighting the people who make the dream work, we wanted to take the Instagram nod a step further. We wanted to show what these amazing teammates are like, beyond the surface.

First up to bat, is Matt Hepner.

Matt is a valuable member of team Trinity Surfaces, with experience ranging from the floor to the ceiling, literally and figuratively speaking. He got his start in the industry in 1997 when he took a job installing carpet and vinyl floors at the age of 16.

With honesty and integrity at the core of what we do, it is no surprise that Matt still lives by these words from his mom: “do what you say and say what you do.”

In addition to his heartily successful work-flow, Matt is both a husband and a father. He says that his wife and kids are his best friends because, “they’re always up for an adventure.”

Rapid-fire Q&A

Now that you know Matt a little bit more, we ended this interview with a round of rapid-fire questions, and we can neither confirm or deny the answers to be fact or fiction.

Ready? Here we go.

Q: What’s the most unusual thing in your car or desk drawer?

A: “A maple bacon donut.”

Q: What childhood event had the greatest impact on your life?

A: “The day I was born.”

Q: If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: “Israel.”

Q: What’s one interesting fact about your life?

A: ”I have a super hot wife that everyone calls, ‘Mama.’”

A photo is worth 1,000 words

We took a stalking trip to Matt’s Instagram (what are friends for?) and picked four, random images that we think tell a lot about who he is: surface loving, coffee pushing, all-around good dude!



Thanks for letting us go beyond the surface with you, Matt! We’re proud to have you on our team!

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