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Pumpkin To Your Spice | Spooky Season is Upon Us

October 2, 2019 Published by

Essentially, this means we celebrate Halloween all month, the smell of fall is in the air, and it’s time to break out the sweaters! Oh, and we can’t forget the PUMPKIN SPICE! This month has got us feeling all types of warm & spooky feels. So, Shake Shake Shake Senora over to our blog and... Read More »

Tile Puns: Laughter is the Best Medicine

June 4, 2019 Published by

One of the mantras we live and work by is: “if you can’t laugh, what can you do?” That being said, humor is a daily necessity for Team TS! Over the course of the last 25 years, we have found that a healthy work/life balance comes from a slew genuine teamwork mixed with some lighthearted,... Read More »

Happy Halloween from Team TS!

October 24, 2018 Published by

Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? In light of the Halloween season, we’ve compiled some of our favorite dad jokes so you can be the bearer of this year’s worst jokes. Ready? Let’s get to the spooky, cheesy stuff! Q: Why are ghosts the messiest eaters? A: Because they’re always ‘a goblin.’   Q:... Read More »

The Perfect Pumpkin: A Surface Ninja How-To

October 18, 2018 Published by

We’ve carved enough pumpkins to know that the definition of the “perfect” one varies from one Halloween enthusiast to the next. For some people, “perfect” might also mean easy. For others, the “perfect” design is also the most time-consuming. We recognize that holiday fun isn’t a one-size-fits-all occurrence. That’s why our first ever pumpkin carving... Read More »

Beyond the Surface: Matt Hepner

May 22, 2018 Published by

A while back we started featuring members of the Trinity Surfaces Team on our Instagram account, using the hashtag #TEAMTS. Since we’re big believers in highlighting the people who make the dream work, we wanted to take the Instagram nod a step further. We wanted to show what these amazing teammates are like, beyond the... Read More »

March Madness: A Few Good Reasons Why We Love It

March 13, 2018 Published by

At Trinity Surfaces, we’re not just here for the best surface designs in the world. Although that’s mostly the reason we’re here, we like to highlight other pieces of the culture that makes up Team Trinity Surfaces. And right now, it’s time for us to highlight March Madness! If you’re unfamiliar with it, March Madness... Read More »


October 12, 2017 Published by

Contractors and designers have to deal with a lot in their everyday work. From challenging clients to impossible-to-work-with homes, home improvement professionals have one of the most difficult jobs. When the stakes get too high, and the stress takes over, you can see it in their work. Check out some of these hilarious design fails... Read More »