Tile and Beyond, Trinity Surfaces Has It All

November 20, 2019

Working with the Trinity Surfaces team offers interior designers and builders the opportunity to browse the world’s top products while gaining support from a committed group of surface design professionals. Nothing trumps experience, and we truly believe it is our collective knowledge that distinguishes what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. 

Less than 5 percent of interior designers allow clients to purchase surface design materials through them. That statistic was reported two years ago, so we are quite confident that the number has dropped even lower with the rise of social networking and digital marketing at large. That’s why we suggest an ongoing relationship with our team here at Trinity Surfaces. 

We grew from our initially quaint team so that we could help and support more interior designers and builders. Our goal is your goal, and your project is our project. 

It is because of our commitment to quality service and undeniable results that we offer everything from tile and concrete to carpet, hardwood, LVT and more. That’s not to mention the accessories, sealers, and setting materials we offer. 

Let’s dive into more detail about the different manufacturers we work with and what kinds of products they bring to the table. 


As self proclaimed hardwood enthusiasts, of course we work with top brands to bring you the finest bamboo, cork, and laminate options on the market.


Resilient surfaces like LVT, rubber, sheet vinyl, and wall based materials are another one of our favorite design elements to supply. We have a large number of manufacturers to facilitate all project needs! 

Tile [galore]

We talk a lot about tile, we know. But, you know, we’re surrounded by so much of it, it’s hard not to be a little obsessed; especially when it’s the world’s top products! 


Some folks might not think of concrete when it comes to interior design, but we certainly do! Thanks to brands like Aggretex, we can bring some of the most innovative ideas to life through the craftsmanship of beautiful concrete!


For all things carpet, we’ve got more than enough of a variety to fit practically any project. With offerings like the Mode Collection, the top designs in carpet are just a tap away.

Like we said before, we also offer accessories, sealers, setting materials, tools, and underlayment! Basically, we have all of your surface design needs under one roof. If you’re interested in learning more about an ongoing relationship with a local surface ninja, connect with us here.

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This post was written by Mike Thomas