What to do with Leftover Tile or Surfaces

August 7, 2019

Surface design is an art form in itself. Like other creative processes, designers (the artists) must carve out their personal style before perfecting their craft and lending their eye to a variety of projects throughout their careers. As the creative industry in the United States, up $14 billion from 2011 to 2016, continues to evolve – so do we. 

We like to think of surface design similarly to someone learning to paint or to draw. At first, the end results might not be something they’d want to ever see the light of day. But, after decades of experience, every result is shareworthy and something to be proud of. 

At Trinity Surfaces, the company as a whole has been innovating, designing, and crafting since 1996. Based on our theory above, that means we’re proud of every project we come into contact with.

With the love of tile comes a love for art. And with a love for art comes the inevitable desire to keep creating, even when we’re not inside the Trinity Surfaces gallery.

All that said, crafting is in our nature. Which means it is impossible for us to let leftover tile go to waste! Chances are, if you’re one of our partners or colleagues, you’re probably a surface ninja who likes to nerd out over tile just like we do. Let’s put that passion to work today, shall we?

So, what to do with leftover tile? Let us count the ways to use it!

Crafty tile solutions

These are some of the best (and some of our favorite) ideas we found for repurposing old tiles for use at home! From tile coasters to refrigerator magnets and jewelry holders, leftover tile can be your new best friend!

Leftover tile ideas from Pinterest

As always, we couldn’t do a “pinworthy” blog without some of our favorite finds from Pinterest! Whether it’s a piece of artwork you create, a headboard, or a backsplash, there are plenty of options for repurposing old tile!

Ideas for floor planks

Repurposing leftover surfaces isn’t limited to tile. We found some great ideas for floor planks, too! A beautiful new clipboard, a coat hanger, and decorative signs are all part of the fun you can have with old floor planks!

Tile tabletops, for the win

Remember that one time when we told you about making tile tabletops out of leftover tile? If not, check it out.


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This post was written by Amy Rosado