5 Tile Trends to Watch in 2019

January 24, 2019

Based on last year’s forecast of trending design solutions, it is safe to say that we are certifiable surface ninjas! From terrazzo making a comeback to greige being the go-to color, our predictions were pretty accurate.

So, here we are again, another year of surface design in the books. But, when you love what you do, every single day feels like a fresh, new chapter! All of the “new year, new me” stuff should really be “new year, same love for tile” for the team here at Trinity Surfaces. We do, however, enjoy recording our thoughts for the future based on decades of experience and a sincere love for all things tile design.

To get our bets in for what would trend in 2019, we kicked around dozens of ideas. We’ve narrowed our list down to five of the most probable tile trends, and we are confident that these tidbits will have a solid chance of making an impact this year.

Let’s get to it!

Finding playful tile solutions

With bland designs that lack character being pushed out, designers are gambling on more playful tile options. Tiles that vary in shape, size, and pattern are all the rage. Take Ornamenta for example. Their unconventional approach to tile design includes large formats and unique patterns that are undeniably impressive.

Woodworking for the win

The buying generation’s love for natural elements is only getting bigger. So, designers are looking to fit their demand with cost-effective yet beautiful [wood-like] tile solutions. Wood or wood-like designs offer a warmer aesthetic than some of their cooler ceramic counterparts. We’re putting a spin on this trend by sharing a solution that’s beginning to draw a lot of attention: peel-and-stick wood planks!

Experimenting with colors

Traditionally loved elements like copper are being overpowered by black metals and brass options. These more neutral accents are on the rise due to an emerging draw toward classic and clean interior designs. For this particular trend, we’re huge fans of Audrey Lane’s Sophia Collection.  

Compactly living large

Tiny living (it’s a thing) is still growing in popularity and interior designers are having to take that into account for new projects. The key here is functionality over everything. But, the trick is to keep the appeal of luxury living without having the space to pull it off conventionally. Chestnut Hill LVT is a great option for simple living, whether it’s a multi-family housing design or a container home community.

Contrasting elements with style

Designers are artists by nature, so it is no surprise that they take to a new project the way a painter does to a blank canvas. Exciting advances in tile technology have paved the way (pun intended) for designers to dabble in mixing colors, shapes, and patterns like never before. For example, Mir Mosaic offers stylish tile inspired by high fashion to help add character to any space.

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning