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September 4, 2020

Let’s be honest. Not all surface solutions are created equal. Fortunately, we are thoughtful and precise with the products we choose to offer. The Trinity Surfaces team is proud to share knowledge while maintaining an open line of communication with collaborators. One thing we consistently review with design professionals is our wide range of products. Although we are self proclaimed tile enthusiasts, we prefer to focus on our ability to improve any project with a dynamic approach that includes a variety of materials.

An open mind is undoubtedly one of the most underrated qualities of a successful interior designer. Turning a blind eye to products for whatever reason is a surefire way to stunt growth as a creative. That’s why we have always strived to offer many different solutions.It keeps the innovation wheel spinning. We understand how important the perfect surface solution is to an interior designer and we take that responsibility very seriously.   

Whether it’s something in nature that inspires a vision or an impactful moment in a film, interior designers are artists in their own right. And, they need the proper tools to fill their blank canvases. That’s where we come in. 

As knowledgeable professionals, we are dedicated solely to you and your project. From our initial contact to the final days of execution, we’re here to support and provide service as if it were in-house to each designer.

Along with our unmatched collaborative service, we promise to bring you high quality surface solutions to bring your vision to life. 

Here are seven of our most popular, sought after product options:

1. Cork

It’s recyclable, easy to maintain, and looks gorgeous. What’s more? Cork is rather easy to install. Plus, few products rival its durability.


2. Concrete

Modern as it is classy, concrete as a surface solution is just starting to make waves. Although it is traditionally used for larger commercial projects, interior designers are starting to utilize it for smaller ones.


3. LVT

LVT continues to be a go-to for commercial projects. The cost effectiveness and reliability of LVT is what makes it such a top contender. Did we mention how pretty it is, too?


4. Wood

Few materials compare to the sturdiness of wood. As a longtime surface solution favorite, the beauty of these products never goes out of style. Let’s not forget wood wall planks, because gone are the days where wood is only for flooring. These beautiful additions transform spaces day in and day out. 


5. Sound reduction 

Flooring with sound reduction is a growing demand we see more and more of. Fortunately, this type of product isn’t something that’s new to us. It is ideal for fitness facilities, education buildings, and retail spaces.


6. Carpet

Although there are so many new surface solutions available in today’s market, there is still a need for carpet. We offer polypropylene carpets for low to medium budget ranges. 


7. Tile 

Yes, our love for tile runs deep. Considering our large inventory from the best tile  creators in the world, it makes sense that we would love it so much! From porcelain to custom tile, we love solving surface dilemmas with these beauties.

When we say we have a solution for every vision, we mean it. Beyond the quality products we offer, our team of industry experts are here to help you through every step of your design journey. It’s the Trinity Surfaces way, and it’s what we do.

Connect with us and let’s talk about how we can support you with guidance, professional care, and the products that will make your interior designer dreams a reality.

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This post was written by Jennifer Horning