Commercial LVT Jackpot: The Lifestyles Collections

February 23, 2021 Published by

“Lifestyles is a high-performance luxury vinyl tile line which replicates some of the most beautiful and popular woods on the market,” explains Trinity Surfaces team member, Katie Godfrey. “The line consists of different wear layer options so it can be used anywhere from in high traffic commercial areas to multi-family units and everywhere in between.”... Read More »

Wall to Wall Coverings to Inspire

January 21, 2021 Published by

As wall coverings continue to surge in popularity, commercial interior designers have one stop shop with their Trinity Surfaces teammate. After all, surface design isn’t just about what we know. It’s about who we are. From improving spaces of all varieties to bringing a vision to life, we are hardwired to achieve one, common goal:... Read More »

Commercial Interior Design Trends for 2021

January 6, 2021 Published by

Leading the way into a new year, the Trinity Surfaces team put their heads together to create a forecast for the year ahead. The forecast features predictions and trends for commercial interior design, in 2021 and beyond. Based on our innovative adaptations in 2020, we are eager for these theories to be put to the... Read More »

4 Health Conscious Products for Commercial Projects

December 30, 2020 Published by

Over the past 525, 600 minutes, we’ve watched the world as well as our local community and our team adapt to a time that no one saw coming. 2020 certainly brought its fair share of dilemmas and curveballs, there’s no denying that. But, it also brought many things to light- in every industry, to every... Read More »

Quartz Flooring: Durable, Functional, Sustainable

December 22, 2020 Published by

It is no secret that product demands shift with every generation of creators and builders. Currently, it is safe to confirm that quality is atop the list of demands for this generation of interior designers. Products cannot just look beautiful, they must perform and endure as well. This generation would rather invest in a quality... Read More »

Why Lighting Design Can Make or Break a Tile Installation

December 17, 2020 Published by

“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space.” -Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz Every iconic figure has a sidekick. Starsky had Hutch, Batman had Robin, and Han Solo had Chewbacca. Without the backup to balance things out, these household names wouldn’t be the same. Okay, so what does Chewbacca have to do with tile? We’re... Read More »

When Elegance, Class Meet Contemporary Design

December 17, 2020 Published by

One of the things we love most about Marca Corona is that every product has its own personality. Even with dozens of options, each line brings something a little bit different to the drawing board. Whether it’s the brand’s clean looks or colorful styles, it is sometimes hard to believe that they’re all housed under... Read More »

Our Fall-Inspired Color Palette

December 1, 2020 Published by

“Falling” in love with the season? Same! We’ve always been big fans of autumn, from the smell of spice in the air to the inspiration that brings cozy textures and burnt hues. In fact, we’d be lying if we told you we weren’t drinking a PSL while writing this.  Although the colors, textures, and materials... Read More »

Trinity Surface Chestnut Hill MineralCore LVT

Chestnut Hill Quick Ship Colors Now In Stock

November 5, 2020 Published by

Two years ago, we dubbed our Chestnut Hill collection “the next big thing in LVT.” Demand has brought that forecast to life and the line continues to satisfy and expand. With MineralCore technology and innovative design as its foundation, this catalog of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) pushes the limits. Now, in addition to its durability,... Read More »

The Secret to Seamless Floor to Wall Transitions

November 5, 2020 Published by

At Trinity Surfaces, we are so much more than just a tile company. Beyond that, we are a lot more than just industry leaders in surface solutions. The team we have here are happy to share their insight from years of experience coupled with the high quality products we offer. Ranging from LVT to concrete... Read More »